Our Virtual Family Office service is a one-stop shop to coordinate every aspect of your life and help optimize your financial world. Our team at Virtus Wealth Solutions works with accountants, attorneys, tax planning specialists, investment advisors and more to align your needs and desires under one umbrella. We take care of finding the right team for your unique needs and we ensure everyone is working towards the same goals: The ones that matter most to you.

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What Makes Us Different

Virtus Wealth Solutions is dedicated to establishing long-standing relationships by guiding clients in the identification and achievement of their optimal financial world. Our services include comprehensive wealth management strategies to help clients:

  • Make informed choices about their money
  • Mitigate taxes
  • Protect assets from being unjustly taken
  • Take care of loved ones
  • Magnify charitable impact for causes they care about

We primarily work with high-earning physicians and successful entrepreneurs making over $1 million a year and wealthy families who are cash-flow confident. Contact Virtus Wealth Solutions today if you are interested in speaking with our team of financial planning professionals to learn more.

1. Do you stress test your financial plan at least once a year?

2. Do your loved ones know how all aspects of your financial life should work if something were to happen to you today?

3. Do you have clear cut operating agreements in place for all the entities you are involved with so your loved ones know how you will exit?

4. Have you looked at whether there are opportunities you are overlooking that could enhance or improve upon your existing financial strategy?

5. Does your financial advisor understand your goals and values and know what you want to achieve with your money?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of the questions, you may benefit from a Stress Test, which is a systematic method to evaluate whether the financial (and other) solutions you currently have in place are likely to yield the results you expect.

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